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Sms And Small Business

While many of our inboxes are full with unopened emails from marketers of all kinds, some 97% of all SMSs (83% within 1 hr), even marketing messages, are opened. So what makes this intimate, always on medium such a draw for marketers? What are the ways businesses, specially small businesses, take advantage of SMSs to connect with their customers? NT Times has the rules for using SMSs effectively. Do it legally. While the SMS world is relatively free from spam, now laws impose stiff fines for spam and unsolicited messages. Stay clear of sending messages because you have a database available. Give people control of what they want to receive. Coupons, information and stuff that people want to receive. Create a platform that people can access and get the stuff they want to. Support traditional marketing with SMS marketing. Even businesses with small marketing budgets can use SMS marketing by linking up the other bits they do. Menu of the week, for a restaurant, upcoming events in a gallery can all be communicated simply using SMS. It’s better to give than receive. Make it worthwhile for customers to receive TXT messages. Highlights of a new book, invites to an event, something people can use and feel valued. Less is more. Just because you have customers opted in for SMSing does not mean you need to send them message after message. Use it wise, use it right. Read more


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